Home Loans

  • Property Investment.
  • Development Projects.
  • Sourcing & Negotiating Property Purchase.
  • Melbourne Home Loan Financing & Refinancing.
  • Accessing Equity in your Property.

Mortgage Refinancing

  • Find out why u should/Should not Refinance.
  • Get the best possible outcome from refinancing.
  • Competitive pricing and product research from lenders.
  • Use Funds to re-invest and Create wealth by diversifying your investment portfolio.

Business Loans

  • For Purchase of Franchised Businesses.
  • Purchase of plant and Equipment.
  • Commercial investment portfolios.
  • Investment for Commercial Properties.
  • Cash flow and business expansion.

Other Services

  • Property search and negotiations.
  • Auction assistance.
  • Loan restructuring and debt reduction strategies.
  • wealth creation thru Sub division and Construction Projects.

Melbourne Home Loan Brokers

Home Loan Mentors specialises in home loan investing and security assistance to Melbourne locals. Our professional team of mortgage brokers recognise that each client has unique circumstances that need to be addressed. With our extensive research in home loans and brokerage, we are qualified in answering your questions and are more than competent to suggest advice on issues relating to your first Melbourne home loan, investment ideas or debt consolidation.

We have a comprehensive list of home loans that we can provide for you, depending on your individual situation.

For all enquiries related to Melbourne Home Loans, Insurance, Commercial Finance. Contact our experts mortgage brokers at Home Loan Mentors.